Thanks for viewing, reading & commenting on my blog. Sorry that my blog is not as promising as the other blogs. But I keep learning & make it as an outgoing process.

My biggest problem is making friends among bloggers because I'm kinda new and I just started in the middle of 2008.

Then my problem is in handling the blog itself. You can see that my blog is not interactive as yours with very basic layout, lame pictures, uncool widgets just because I'm DUMB at these things which I major the BASIC only.

SO, I need your guide because I'm a NERD science student that know nothing like budak baru blaja..

I'm so appreciate your comments during your visit at my blog.

Sesape yang aku follow tu, aku nak ucap sori sebab nyebok. Don't get me wrong ok. I don't have any specific reason. No reason actually.

-the writer




Wednesday, October 5, 2011

im so pathetic

Just look at the date when was the last time I blogged. I bet nobody would bother themselves reading my blog right. Sokay. It doesnt bother me much either.

There so many going on with my life lately. I dont have much privacy to keep on blogging. Im at the library now  and feel annoyed of how a sound of a girl munching a rice crackers who she sit near my seat. Im at the library since 9.30 am until now. But just then i started to do notes on physical & material strength which is entirely about psychics, i found myself so sleepy but i forced myself to write this because this is the only time i got. Btw, this laptop is not mine & the owner had some errand to do somewhere else.

But insyaallah i'll make an effort to blog and tell the stories of mine sooner. Take care!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mumbling to myself

               Despite of my mobile phone is back to normal since yesterday & I had decided the date for my return plane ticket to shah alam for that camping thing, I can’t help myself from worrying about certain things. Yeah, it’s 3.22 o’clock in the morning of Saturday.

         I watched again Juno last night. I was impressed about how much Juno takes problems upon her so calmly with highly spirit. I should too perhaps. Maybe I’m worry about my exam results due next week. I hope I done good. My friend, Afiq already had dismissal this semester. Without telling I already know the reason. He failed the subject 3 times.

          Must be pretty hard my life goes without him during my next semester. Maybe because I like to enslave him to do things although I can do on my own. I’m kinda mean right? But don’t judge, he is meaner than me.

       And I’m worried about my life & what I’m going to do with it. People around me had lived their life with job already. But I’m still struggling myself with studies. My mom even stressed me out by telling me how much she can’t wait to see me graduate & how much she regretted with her decision letting me continuing my degree if this is the time that I have to take. Understand what I mean? If she really felt that way, she shouldn’t let me at the first place. So why quit now? When I’m half-way already.

     Lastly, I hope Ameer can buy me the ticket A.S.A.P. because I don’t want to score a highly-priced ticket like last time. So not worth it like last time, I bought a plane ticket by FireFly and I even paid for the luggage for RM45 not including my ticket was RM190+ plus I don’t have any meal on that plane plus the plane was so bumpy in the sky I even think that I might die young.


Monday, May 16, 2011

kenapa mesti malu kalau kantoi?

Mind if i say something?

Baru-baru ni ada kes student tangkap khalwat kat dalam library. I mean its not a typical khalwat but more to maksiat I guess. From my resource whom at the library during the time, the couple were caught while doing 'that' at hidden section at the second floor of the library.Where most of the students unaware of that hidden location. Me, i just noticed after the incident & after seeing those place, i couldnt agree more that its the most strategic place for student to have some romance. How gross is that? Get a room la guys.

I heard that, the incident happened on Saturday where most of the students were not at the library during the time & perhaps the couple take advantage of this. I can say that the place looks gloomy, hidden & of course with air-conditioning. How did the authority knew about this? Of course la by using their surveillance camera, CCTV. Stupid enough kan that couple? The grossest part is where the guy already bottomless when they were caught. Means that, the guy already put off his trousers. Erkkkk...

My resource said that the girl even cried & covered her face while brought away by the authority. The guy? I dunno whats the story. 

My advice?

Tips: Next time when you are caught doing it at some public area or some cheap budget hotel, please make a proud face. Be proud. Walk with pride. Put on a smile is even better. Because it's not logic to be ashamed of it after doing that. Because if you ashamed before doing that, you'll not involved with this. Also means that, you are not ashamed doing it means you just being brave. You should be proud while before & after doing that. Have to be constant. To show you as the example to the others & no one can beat you like what you did.

Okay? Walk with pride & smile.

Yeah, you can walk like her. Absolutely.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Raja Lawak Fakulti Sains Gunaan (FSG)


Tell you what...
its a TRUE story

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a promise that a friend want me to

1. I'll struggle for my first semester.

2. I'll try to perform my prayer.

3. I'll find a lot of friends.

4. I'll be happy all the time even without nobody by my side.

5. I want to find an answer/aim/goal in my life.

6. I'll be success no matter what happen.


Monday, March 7, 2011

happened recently *mode malas*

Recognize this comics? My favorite ever. My drawing influenced by this comics anyway. LOL.

 Familliar with orange?? Hahaha.. Im the new orange!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

fasa seterusnya: Lebam

Kalau hari-1, ke-2 kesan cubitan jadi merah2, hari ke-4, ke-5 baru jadi lebam. Boleh? Haha~

Kene buat panggillan Nur? Adoiiiiii.. hahaha~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

kenapa perempuan cubit sakit?

2 hari lepas kawan perempuan saya cubit saya sebab saya usik dia. Dia cubit saya kaw-kaw punya. Nanti kalau saya balas, orang cakap saya dayus. Sakit sangat. Saya sudah cakap kulit saya nipis hade kew? hahaha.. senang lebam. Terus jadi camnie.

Jom close up... huhu~

Sakit woooo... orang cakap lelaki tak elok berkulit cerah takut perempuan tak suka. Tapi dah semulajadi nak wat camne. TAK semestinya orang kulit cerah tu pondan ke, gay ke & tak macho ke & sbgnya.

Who are we to argue GOD

You dare?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

11 things we are not bestfriend

#1. We are not bestfriend if you cannot accept the way I am which I have to be myself.

#2. We are not bestfriend if you keep complaining kind of T-shirt i wear. Doesnt matter if it has a strange looking cartoon or weird design on it.

#3. We are not bestfriend if you keep rattling about kind of jeans I wear. Doesnt matter if the jeans has a self-made hole at the knee or it was faded or the jeans are in other color than dark blue.

#4. We are not bestfriend if you annoyed about how hideous my hair style it or how messy it is.

#5. We are not bestfriend if you ignored me, went out with your friends almost everyday until late where its only time you feel enjoyed & happy but when you feel bored of them or you feel alone or be at the end of the day, then you remembered me.

#6. We are not bestfriend if we have a small fight, & we need some space for each other, your friends/supporter/bodyguards investigate me & gave me a look like I'm sorta top criminal that need to be vanguished.

#7. We are not bestfriend if you think that you think logically & relevantly all the time but you are not actually.

#8. We are not bestfriend if you missed someone but you strongly & confidently disagree about what I'm saying but it so OBVIOUS written on your face. Still you denied it.

#9. We are not bestfriend if you still go out with me with a sour face because you missed that person after he left but to my surprise you still denied it. I'm suggesting that we shouldnt go out because you're not that happy compared to when going out with that person or your friends, you're enjoy yourself to the fullest.

#10. We are not bestfriend if you keep comparing me with your popular, manly, stylish, social friends because I'm just being me.

#11. We are not bestfriend if you want your friends being so perfect, you should'nt befriend me. You should know that.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hari pertama full g klaz sebab semalam dah tuang klaz

                Tau ape jadik dengan moto aku? Aku punye la takde mood malam tadi. Susah hati sebenarnya, mata takleh tido. Sampai kemas bilik malam2 bute buang sampah ag. Klakar kan? Yela, skuter bukan sepuloh sen due posen. Mahal lerrr... mati la kalo bapak aku tau. Naya je. Pagi tu aku g klaz pon tak semangat, g kol 8.30 pagi tapi tengok jadual rupenye kol 9.30 baru stat. Gi library la melayan perasan. Then, 9.45 baru gerak. Sampai kat kelas je, aku tengok lecturer dah kuar dari kelas. Dah habis kot. Kejap je sebab baru minggu pertama kuliah. Aku missed kelas la tu. 

           Aku pon balik la umah sebab ade 2 jam lagi. Round2 depan kedai tu. Eh, nampak plak skuter aku! Wakaka!! Beta sukeeeeeeeee... aku pon suh la diorg cas bateri moto aku. Die cakap kene lame sket. Ah, tak kisah la. Asalkan starter dapat hidup. Susah la skuter pakai starter kaki. 

               Mood dah ok balik. G klaz, budak2 baru dalam klaz. Aku takde kawan so, aku pun mempasifkan diri. Kelas kimia lecturer suh carik group makmal. Aku pon macam malas nak fikir. Nanti2 la fikir. Sebab takde kawan sangat sebab klaz baru tak kenal sangat budak2 klaz. Aku pon merayau2 kat fakulti melayan perasaan sementara menunggu kelaz fizik. Then, aku dengar ade orang panggil nama aku. Rupenya ade dak mikrobiologi offer aku suh masuk group diorang. Eiii.. baeknye. Tak payah aku carik group. Thanx uolz. Betol. Seyes nie.

            Tapi yang paling hepinye subjek matematik aku dapat pengecualian kredit sebab dah ambik mase diploma. Foundation of applied mathematic. Kire macam add math la. Beta gumbiraaaaaaa... kelas 2 jam ari selasa & rabu aku leh balik awal kol 3. Yayyyyyyy... tu je la nak cakap. Bosan kan. Sape suh bace. Gi jauh2 nu.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

skuter aku hilang sebab? Jeng3~


             Aku takleh tido malam nie dowh. Kalo aku risau, aku mesti kemas bilik. Buat2 busy. Buang sampah malam2 bute. Ko ade? Takde kan. Risaukan skuter aku macam hilang je. Takde plak kat depan umah aku. Petang tadi aku parking kat depan kedai moto sebab nak kasi cas bateri die. Tapi macam customer maha banyak so, aku biarkan la dulu. Lagipun ade moto blok skuter aku. Then petang pon cine tu ckp esok je cas bateri sebab dah tak sempat. Kedai dah nak tutup

         Then, aku blk umah la. Malam tu aku kuar kjp. Bila blk check skuter dah takde. Kene curik ke or kene alih? Aku dah tawaf pusing keliling takde pon. Kene curik ke? Tapi restoran khalifah 24 jam kat sebelah tu, salu ramai org. Sempat ke nak curik? Ntah. Misteri tol. So camne? Kalo takde rezeki nak wat camner kan. Beli baru ke? OMG! Pakai bas ke pg uitm? Adoi la. Jalan kali? Slim la kaki beta. Kaki je slim. Atas boyot.

          Hari nie ari 1st g fakulti dah kene tegur. Aku pakai baju kemeja, suar slack, jaket. Then mase nek lif, sorg lecturer badan2 besar nie tego aku, where is your tie. You suppose to where your tie on Monday. Kerek je. Aku cakap la, yeah i noe that. I just came & in hurry. Its in my bag actually. Later i'll wear it. Die cakap ape, you shudnt put your tie in your BLOODY bag. Mak ai.. rude nye. Bloody lak. Tau la encek pakai Britain nye English, cakap melayu sudah. Pe lagi die membebel mase kuar dari lif. Huhuhu~

     Dah tu je la. Esok nak tanye kedai moto tu ade tak nampak skuter aku.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

perlu ke orang bace blog aku?


       Aku dah berazam dengan diri aku sendiri yang aku akan merajinkan diri untuk tulis blog. Walaupon penulisan ntah pape. *sape suh bace* LOL. Tapi takpe la kan. BM saye A2 je. Habis kene marah cekgu BM. Ape lak. A2 pon ok pew. Kendian, aku nak tulis dalam BM je la. Kalo dalam tulis dalam English, nanti orang cakap martabatkan bahasa melayu lak. Baek lah. Hamba penurut perintah. 

      Bukan terer sangat pon English, pandai sikit2 pon sebab kawan2 aku banyak non-muslim. Diorang banyak cakap English, aku dengar la. Kendian, mak aku salu ajar aku English. Ajar grammar camtu mase aku skolah rendah. Aku salu jugak dengar lagu, citer diorg. Tapi cerekarama tetap di hati occay! Aku dan kawan aku salu buat ulasan lepas tengok cerekarama. Lawak kan.

         Mase beli woofer kat Low Yat aritu, ktorg deal la dengan salesman cine nie. Kawan aku tanye nape aku tak cakap English sedangkan English aku power. *power ke? Wekkk* Sebab aku suke dengar bangsa lain cakap melayu. Lagipun cine tu dulu cakap melayu, so nape tak teruskan je kan. Boleh diterima ke alasan tu? Haha.. Cakap English pon bile penting je, macam g interview ke, takpon kalo orang tu tak paham base Melayu. Leh la show off. *pitam*

           Arini kan, Ameer my bestfren datang umah aku. Die antar baju2 aku tertinggal kat umah die sebab aku nak pakai pergi kelas isnin nie. Then ktorg makan la ayam penyet tak jauh dari pusat komersial seksyen 7 shah alam nie. *Amboi.. panjangnye nyee..hahaha*. Mebi pekerja die sikit kot. Macam lambat sikit nak ambik order. Ade orang kat belakang aku, diorg baru datang. Lepas makanan ktorg sampai, borak2 la sambil makan.

          Then, orang belakang aku angkat dari kerusi terus blah camtu. Rupanya Ameer cakap, order diorg lambat sampai. Air je sampai dulu. Aku pon rase da lame diorg tunggu sebab ktorg berloyer buruk lame gak. Heran waiter kat kedai tu. Diorang cakap la same sendiri yg customer dah lari. Lepas tu ade yang pergi jenguk2 mane tau diorg ade lagi. Tapi memang dah takde pon. Jangan haraplah. Ameer cakap memang biase org wat camtu kalo order sangat lambat sampai tapi aku tak sampai hati lak. Kalo aku, aku bayar je minuman tu. Kang haram lak dalam badan kan.

           Kendian, aku pon balik rumah. Member aku pon balik jgk lepas shopping dengan awek die. Malam nie nak wat ape ea? Leh la g jalan2 dengan keta sebab member yang lagi sorang suh aku pegang keta die lepas die suh aku antar die g KTM Padang Jawa. Adakah ke Jusco Bukit Raja malam ini atau sekadar uptown jer?

ini bukan post berunsur kenegerian ok!


           Malaysia kan menang Piala Suzuki aritu. Aku pon ade tengok gak kat TV1. Punye la semangat sampai terjerit2 macam orang gile. Blom pernah agi semangat sungguh2 camnie. Ko ade? Haha.. Mase tu aku dah lame dah kat Shah Alam. Kawan2 aku blom balik lagi. Cuti sem katekan. Aku balik awal pon sebab dah janji dengan budak umah aku, aku nak pindah umah sebelum ujung bulan 12. Ade budak lain nak masuk so, aku kene la bawak kuar barang2 aku. Skang dah kat rumah sewa baru dah.

        Eh, apsal tetibe cite hal pindah? Bukan la bai. Nie nak habaq sal Piala Suzuki aritu. Tak kisah la nak nama Harimau Malaya ke Harimau Malaysia ke. Nanti kalo tarok Harimau Malaysia, orang komplen mase kalah dulu takde lak sibok2 nak letak Malaysia. Kalo tak letak, negeri lain terasa lak sebab nama Malaya. Ahhh.. aku tak kisah la. Asalkan menang sudah. Buat ape nak susah2 kan pale hotak nak argue tang tu tang ni. Then, aku mesej la kawan aku, orang ____ (die still bercuti kat umah) pasal Malaysia menang..

Aku: Malaysia menang weh! Haha...

Dia:  Eh, ko pun hepy gak? Ko kan orang Sarawak. Haha...

Aku: So? Hade aku kesah?

Dia:  Haha.. Marah lak. Gurau pun takleh. Ingat aku racist ke.. K la. Jumpa ahad nanti.

Aku: Ah. Sudah la ko.

     Sebenarnya aku dah bosan dengar lawak sinis camtu. Kalo sekali dua takpe jgk. Nie dah salu, bosan gak dengar. Pasal isu negeri nie aku salu dah dengar bende2 camnie sejak blaja kat Shah Alam. Budak nie cakap aku makan ulat mulong la. Cakap aku bukan melayu la. Ape ko ingat kat Sarawak takde orang melayu ke. Orang melayu populasi terbesar di bandaraya Kuching okay. Lepas tu, aku tak makan ulat mulong. Lebih kurang macam ko la. Suku kaum lain aku tak tau la. Kalo ade pon tu memang dah tradisi diorang. Who are we to argue?

      Pernah sekali aku gaduh dengan budak nie. Tak habis2 je dengan pandangan sempit die. Ko pergi la dulu tempat orang tengok camner. Mesti ko tak caye. Lebih maju dari ape yang ko tau. Aku salu dengar bende2 stereotype macam orang Sarawak pergi mane2 naik sampan, takpon dudok atas pokok. Klakar la. Tak pernah wujud pon camtu. Pergi la tanye sape2 yg pernah pergi Sarawak. Yang ko tengok dalam TV tu kat pedalaman, sebab nak tunjuk kan budaya kat Sarawak baru tunjukkan benda camtu. Sebenarnya sume dah moden. Setahu aku kebanyakan rumah panjang dah jadi rumah batu. Ala2 rumah teres camtu. Siap ade Astro internet lagi. Macam typical house jgk.

     Lepas tu cakap aku pelik tak makan sangat makanan kat kedai mamak. Makan pedas pun tak brape. Tapi ulat mulong makan lak. Adui. Punya la sakit hati aku dengar. Macam la ko tu bagus sangat. Dah ktorang memang tak brape nak makan makanan mamak sebab India atau India campuran bukan nye banyak pun kat Sarawak. So, camne ko bleh expect ktorg gemarkan makanan camtu. Sebenarnye banyak agi die cakap melalut ape ntah. Aku buat2 malas nak layan. Sakit jiwa aku nanti. LOL! By the way, hepi new year guys! (tetibe lak.. haha)

p/s: Tak kenal maka tak cinta.

Hepi Nu Year 2011!