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Sesape yang aku follow tu, aku nak ucap sori sebab nyebok. Don't get me wrong ok. I don't have any specific reason. No reason actually.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

unoffiCiAL phoToshOOt!!!

unofficial photosh0ot

Venue: Unimas
Date: 30 July 2009

Time: 3.35 p.m.
Cost: 0 Cent/RM


sO tHe wiNNer goES to...

Miri guy!!!!
The reasons:

1. I'm pity him because he lived far from my place but still want it.

2. I'm easily-pitying-kind-of person.

3. I'm adored his determination to buy those for his son.

4. He has a polite manner (I assumed) from what I heard from the phone conversation.

5. He TRUST me by bank-in-ed the money at my account first before I sent the package (makes me weep).

'Its so nice to have these kind of people in our community'

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I wiLL mi$$ u ... deaR

Today, 1st time in my life I make a success deal in Mudah about me to sell my PS2. Because I'm so sick and tired playing it plus all the games which I played, I miserably accomplished.

Now, I going to sell it for RM300. Don't you think it cheap?? Plus, its a brand new which I bought early this year with only one of the joystick used (which means I never use the other joystick). The console still in plastic cover.

I'm going to miss my ps2..huhuhu... bye2 darling.. see you in another life...sob..sob..sob..sob..

I sent the post in morning, then I went out with my 'girlfriend'. Back home, I figured out that 13 people e-mailed me to buy the PS2. Now I'm confused.

Among all 13 people, I sadly choose 2 person. One from Miri and one from Kuching myself. I didn't know by posting this ad will give me a miserable night! I have to choose between 2 and I have to consider the feeling of both if one of them didn't get it.

I even call my 'gf' for advice. I'm kinda person who consider others feeling which you may assumed that this is not a BIG matter. But I can't help it.

Person from the Miri named Rizal and from Kuching named Shah.


My conversation with the Miri guy sounds like this:

Rizal: Macam mana bos saya nak tahu pasal ps2 slim tu bos...saya berminat nak beli...

Me: Rizal, ni Siddiq. Sye dengar awak nak beli PS2. Masih nak kew?

Rizal: Aah, camner?

Rizal: Ok, barang ktne?

Rizal: Camner nak beli kat awak?

Me: Ok x dgn harga tu? Sori la sebab tu harga yg paling murah skang. Saye dok kat kch. Kalo nak jumpe, jumpe kat town.

Rizal: Ok, tp saye dok kat Miri. Kalo x, saye bank in je. Awak antar gune bas leh? Harap bende tu bgs la.

Me: Ooo.. ye kew. Saye ingat awak dok kat Kuching. Saye x caye sangat kalo bank in nie. Sori la kalo x dapat. So sorry.

Rizal: Saye bank in dulu kat awak. Kalo awak dah dpt duit br awak kirim kat saye. Camne? Sbnrnye saye la patut x caye kat awak sbb saye yg dulu bank in.

Me: Aah. terbalik pulak. Saye memang x pandai nak pos, memang bengong. Nanti saye salah antar pos. awak plak yg pg repot polis barang x sampai. Sebab tu la saye xnak antar pos.

Rizal: Awak antar je kat stesen bas. Kalo awak ok, saye ade kazen kat situ. Nanti die settle kan.

Me: Kazen awak tu leh caye kew? Adoyai. Pressure pulak. Jap ek. Pkr jap.

Rizal: Kazen saye tu pompuan, Suami die driver bas. Senang je.

Me: Ek? Bila nak bank in? Pressure2. Bila plak saye antar kat stesen bas? Kalo x dapat saye nak mintak mahap sangat2. Ade org len nak jgk. Sori sangat2.

Rizal: Sok saye bank in. Awak bagi je no akaun.

Me: Bila nak antar? Bagi kat sape? Bila sampai?

Rizal: Esok saye kol awak k.



Conversation with Kuching guy sounds like this (at the same time):

Shah: Bro, any accessory of ur ps2? juz msg me via phone k.. i'm interested... tq

Me: Full accessories including 8mb memory card.

Shah: I'm interested.. but, will u reduce a bit? plss... i can test rite?

Me: Reduce? I think I'm already reduce a lot. So sorry Shah.

Shah: Ok.. can i test it, if no prblem, I buy.

Me: No need to test because I can guarantee 100% working.

Shah: Ok... if anything happen? stuck or hang? huhuhu.. where is ur location? will u msg me?

Me: Seyesli memang xpernah stuck or hang. Location:kuching. Tp kalo nak cuba, katne lak nak cuba?

Shah: Kalo kat umah awak xdpt ke? Siyesli saye nak beli.

Me: Awak dok mane? Byk sangat org nak beli nie. Presure2.

Shah: Kat Samarahan. Umah saye x jauh dr Unimas.

Me: Jap ek. Pkr jap. Ade sorg lagi nak. Huhu..

Shah: Ok. Tapi saye memang nak beli.

Me: Nak cakap, ade org Miri nak jgk. Camner? Sori la. Sori sangat2. Saye pon 1st time gak wat deal camnie.. Sori2.

Shah: Tp saye dah gtau awal2. Lagipon saye kat Kuching je bkn Miri.


There you go. You might think I'm VERY bad ( or DUMB) at dealing right. Sorry, but I didn't sign up for this auwkey. Now I'm having a second thought.

Firstly, I would prefer Miri guy because...he is the 1st one who request (maybe), then this Kuching guy said that he is the 1st one who told me. Furthermore, he lived same place as me.

What should I do....I know that these 2 guy is a nice man. I'm pretty miserable now...Ameer help me.... u kinda expert in dealing...

Seriously, I had a headache...

I'm acting sad but now I'm annoyed

By the way... I'm not missed my PS2 that much. LoL.

Monday, July 27, 2009

yeS..sHe wAs $o trUe

Today I went randomly at Youtube and these video/commercial about 2 primary school kids being interviewed. So cute and I played it all over again and again. I can feel relationship between them. So warm & so Malaysian. It's so true that, innocent child doesn't know about racism but grown up does. all you know, Yasmin Ahmad had passed away and all people keep posting story about her. I just feel bad about these sudden news. What I can do is only send my prayer to her. As you realized, there's a lot of death happen recently (including in my posts) and I realized that life is too short to be unfair (also mentioned in my previous post).

Looking back at those movies Yasmin had successfully made, Sepet is my 1st one really put a deep scar (good scar) in my heart. During very previous years, I hardly know Sharifah Amani. I saw this poster with 2 teenagers, a Chinese guy and a Malay girl wearing baju kurung sitting at the dock.

Honestly, I found this movie is so Malaysian. At 1st, I was shocked at the scene where the guy try to kiss the girl and some desperate man pregnanted her ex-girlfriend. I was thinking, how this film can passed the LPF?

To tell you the truth, all the scene is actually TRUELY HAPPENED these days. We should not being a hypocrite about these. I'm saying these not because I want it to be practical but I want people to know that it's happened in our community and stop being an denier.

For example, my mom who was so in 'shock mode' recently because she just found out that early secondary students know how to do that 'thing' at their young age with videos published about 'that' which they claimed kind a popular these days. She keep saying that the kids were sooo expert doing 'that' compared to their age. She paused at about 15 minutes thinking that.

Well mom.. you just saw 0.3% of it. A lot more like 99.7% will make you cultural shock/brain cramp. I'm STRICTLY says that I'm not approved all of this act but we should aware how the kids behave or how adults behave etc in these manipulating world. So, the words 'shocked' is so out of fashion.

And I saw a video by Yasmin called 'funeral' about a funeral of a Chinese man with an Indian wife. All kind of races come to the funeral and its strengthen the word FAMILY at the end of the video.

Now, I realized that we are being paranoid about skin color but deep inside us we still the same. We cannot simply conclude that outer look justify the behavior of the person. Why not Chinese married Malay? Malay with Indian? Skin color just a minor excuse.

Most of Yasmin's movie promotes loves between different races. Because she wants us to be as one. BANGSA MALAYSIA. Not bangsa Melayu, Cina or India but Bangsa Malaysia. I know that some of us feels that they are more comfortable between their own race but you never try right? Once you try you will feel more Malaysian.

Myself have a different kind of friends. My 2 bestfriends are non-muslim( race: bidayuh) but I still hold to my religion. Furthermore, they respect my religion as well as myself to them. Abby is Iban, Dux & Stanley is Bidayuh. And I feel sooo MALAYSIAN.

'You will have more color in you if you blend with other races'

'Seeing is believing'

Saturday, July 25, 2009

waNitA idAManKU..BeauTY wiTh a BRAIN!

Seperti biase, tyme bosan2 aku ske tgk TV series and dgr musix. So, aku pon usha2 la awek2 whose being displayed.

Dan aku sangat2 tertarik kat female actress yang berlakon mcm a total wh*re+b*tch+k*ck*ss (ooppps!) but actually when off set, sorg yg sangat baik dari segi attitude and actually beauty with a BRAIN.

Top 6 beauty with a BRAIN (attitude+achievements)

Emma Watson (Harry Potter)

Emma Watson yg berlakon citer Harry Potter tu. Aku dah tgk sumer citer Harry Potter sebab aku nie moviegoer. Sekarang kan die grown up woman dan dah santekkk. Die jgk dah menceburi bidang model.

Emma Watson juga akan masuk Brown University kat US. Korg tgk kat Youtube video die interview with David Letterman and I found out dat she is a polite girl whose have most A's in high school. Yay!

Natalie Portman (Star Wars, V for Vendetta)

Natalie Portman yg cute lagi gorgeous. Korang perasan x filem si Natalie nie mesti yang grand2 punye, mesti yang Box Office la. Contohnya, Star Wars, V for Vendetta etc. Aku rase lakonan die pon sgt bersahaja dan x jemu aku memandang. Hehehe..

Actress yg lain memang byk menjadikan Natalie sbg idola diorg sbb Natalie sgt choosy dlm memilih filem lepas tu mesti meletop filem tu. Dah la, background of study die pon gempak.

Natalie pernah skipped the premiere of Star Wars: Episode I supaya die leh study for her high school final exams. Enter Harvard College with a bachelor's degree in psychology. I mean Harvard ok! Sume org tau yg die nie sgt berdedikasi pasal pelajaran & she got 4.0 in exam!


Dilshad Vadsaria (Greek TV series)

Ingat x kat Rebecca Logan dalam citer Greek tu. Hebat kan karekter die. Memang b*tch la. Tp setelah aku wat research, die nie actually berasal dr Pakistan yg ikut family die travel kat US dr kecik lagi.

Dilshad’s college experience was nothing like Rebecca’s. “I used to be a bio major at the University of Delaware,” she said, “so I was very premed-oriented. My life was really about the classroom, and about lab work — all the extra labs you kind of have to take with each class. And I was working, like, trying to earn some money and everything like that. Rebecca lived a very different life.”


Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical)

Walaupon korg tgk die nie dlm HSM mcm gedik je, die nie ekceli seorg yg sgt baek attitude x mcm Vanessa Hudgens yg wat gmbr nude tu. Aku dah x ske kat Vanessa Hudgens sbb bende tu.
Aku ingat die baek tp compared to Ashley, Ashley seorg yg versatile, good singer, model n good attitude. Xde kan dgr pasal kontroversi beliau?

Die jgk seorg yg sgt berdedikasi dlm karier nyanyian die which album Headstrong succeded when it appeared for the first time in the Billboard 200 reaching the highest places during many weeks.


Nan Zhang (Gossip Girl)

Kalo korg tgk Gossip Girl (sebagai Katia Farkas) season 1 die nie ade muncul2 kat awal2 episod je. Kwn dgn si Isabel tu. First2 aku tgk pon..comel gak die nie. Fashion ala2 barbie doll, japanese style.

Fyi, die nie ikut family die gak moved tu US when she was 6 where parents die nie both doctor n settled kat New Orleans. Die merasakan die nie 'nerd' kat High School tp die ranked top of her school class.

Then, she moved to Baltimore to attend Johns Hopkins University to pursue a career in medicine, specializing in neuroscience. Wow! Die gak aktif dlm modelling after being selected in Chanel/Seventeen Magazine's New Model of the Year contest.


Lisa Surihani (Im not single)

Kalo kat Malaysia aku ske kat Lisa. Aku taw yg die nie law student n attitude die pon bgs gak. Dats y I likkeee..Hehehe.. Aku dgr tyme die di interview kat Hotfm pasal die xmenang Anugerah Bintang Popular tu sbb Stacy menang.

Die ckp kat Faizal yg die pon respect jgk kat Stacy sbb bakat die pon gempak n she happy for her. Polite je. Sejuk ati aku. Lakonan die pon bgs, dah la santek. So far die nie out of controversy. Sebab ini jgk la aku pg tgk wayang nak tgk lakonan die dlm 'Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak'.

I hope dat Lisa will still be Lisa who is out of controversy but only her carreer spotted.
U go girl!!
In the nutshell, xde la aku underestimate wanita yg kat luar sana without those assets BUT aku jgk respek kat pompuan yg ade GOOD ATTITUDE. I noe nobody perfect but kita kan org Timur yg kaya dgn budaya dan sopan santun.

'Respect other$ before you want somebody to respect you'

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

aSal-uSul kU yg meNgkOMpiUSkan

*seperti bese muke aku yg konpius telah menyukarkan keadaan*

Camner nak ckp ek.. mcm nie.. ingat x tyme sekolah menengah, cekgu sejarah suh korg wat susur-galur (bhse x bleh blah...hehe) keturunan? Lepas tu cekgu sejarah tu suh kite frame kan suh santek sikit. Tp aku mengalami kesulitan sket dr belah mak aku.

So, aku nak citer sket pasai keturunan sebelah MAK aku. Pasai aku xtaw pasal keturunan aku. Stop setakat nenek. Bile aku tanye mak aku pon, die pon xtaw. Aku berasa sgt aneh.

Sebab ktorg dok dr kecik lagi kat sebelah mak, aku jd lebih rapat kat sebelah mak dr belah bpk. Dgr cite, ktorg pon bkn penduduk asal kat tmpt nie. Atok aku dulu beli tanah kat sini dan menetap terus.

Lagipon Atok aku dah meninggal tyme mak aku sekolah lagi, lebih menyukarkan keadaan & nenek aku meninggal tyme aku kecik lagi.

Ternyata sumber sangat2 limited. Hampir tidak diketahui. Sebab mak aku ckp, org dulu2 memang ske berahsia. Adoi. Aku dgr2 pon dr mulut org. Lagi satu! Org tua (maybe kenalan nenek aku) yg menjadi sumber pon dah meninggal.

Kesah dulu2: Atok aku & nenek aku ekceli kazen yg telah dijodohkan. Nenek aku telah diangkat oleh satu keluarga. Yg ktorg kenal sekarang pon ekceli keluarga ANGKAT nenek aku. Bile aku tanye mak aku, kenal x dgn makcik2 kandung or pkcik2 kandung die, beliau menjawab "x tau".

Aku dgr org ckp nenek aku asal dr Brunei, xtaw la sahih kew x. Memang ktorg x kenal langsung adik beradik kandung nenek aku. Menjadi misteri sampai arini.

I wish dat 1 day will come where I managed to find my own relatives which was being ignored for all this whole time.

p/s: Korg??? Camner?? Siap buat chart lagi kan... aku dah tau dah..hehehe...

p/s: Aku x tipoo ek..xder makne nyew...kui3...

bAd hAir dAY

Nak taw apew jadi arini?? Aku gunting rambut aku yg panjang nie..dah mcm bapok dah rmbt pnjng..kah3..

Segalanye bermula camnie... ari sabtu lepas bpk aku mintak tolong aku menyimen umah baru pak usu aku (adik mak aku)..lps tu pekerja indon2 x bertauliah pon same2 mnolong..antara calon2 nya seperti kakak aku, nurul(kazen aku), isteri pak usu aku..hahaha..hebat diorg..
*dr kiri Dilla (kakak aku), Nurul, bpk aku, pak usu aku & mak usu aku*

Dalam termengah2 nak wat tu sume..rambut aku yg mengurai nie secara x langsung tlh menyusahkan hidup aku. Ala2 bapok je aku menyingkap rambut di kala serabai..kah3..

*anak pak usu aku pon sebok gak...merasmikan rumah la konon..hahaha*

Dua beg simen dpt wat stgh je.. yang kelakarnye.. isteri pak usu aku tiba2 jadi perkasa kala sesi kedua mengadun simen...hek3..klakar siot..tabik atas keazaman beliau..hehe..

*dua beg simen dapat stgh je..*

Korang tgk video kat bwh nie..hehehe...

So, arini aku pon wat keputusan nak potong rmbt aku.. xde dah indie2.. serabot dah kepale honter aku nie..

SO..nie la hasilnya...


*Sebelum dan selepas*

Hahaha..amacam? Adoyaiii...


siKiT laGi naK meReNg

Huhu… tensen tol aku kebelakangan nie…pasal pelajaran lew…. Tertekan ek sape2 yg study nie…

Mak aku la. Tiap2 hari citer pasal anak kawan sekeje die. Pointer bagus la, slalu dapat dekan la. Dapat tawaran jadi pensyarah kat uitm. Pihak JPA yang sponsor die.

Huhu… mak aku slalu cakap yang anak kawan die nie, dua beradik nie memang pandai tyme kat U. Nak compare dengan aku r tu~

Bapak aku pulak slalu compare aku dengan anak sedare die…which mean my cuzen lew. Same UITM gak dgn aku. Pompuan. Tapi die amek DPIM (Diploma Pengurusan Ladang).

Walaupon ktorg fakulti same (Applied Science)…mane leh compare dengan course yang aku amek. Aku bukan nak kate course aku macam bagus…tp course aku sume teori… blaja Kimia, Fizik, Bio, Math dan lain2.

Aku dgr dak DPIM slalu ade praktikal. Markah praktikal tu la selalu menolong diorang. Sebab tu la maybe kazen aku slalu dapat pointer 3 lebih kowt. Tensen aku….

Then , bapak aku slalu gak compare aku dengan kazen aku yang pergi matrik and nak sambung kat UTM. Muda 2 tahun dari aku. Aku tau la aku dulu pon matrik jugak tp 1 sem jew sebab lulus bersyarat.

Then, aku sambung UITM. Dah lepas2 tu ..biarlah…fokus pasal masa hadapan. Takder la aku dengki tapi kalo kazen aku tu result die overall outstanding, ok la. I'm happy for her.

Kakak aku la yang paling memahami aku. Walaupon die x brape pandai sangat la tapi skrang die dah keje setelah menganggur sekian lama. Kesian gak aku tengok die. Memang la… takde sape perfect kat dunia nie.

Kakak aku pon tyme kat sekolah result SPM die pon byk gak gagal. Lepas tu nak sambung blaja pon, application die banyak kene reject. Mak aku slalu la membebel. Bapak aku pon same. Slalu cakap "macam tu la orang yang tak nak blaja".

Aku tak gemar sangat bapak aku cakap camtu. Tak sume dilahirkan pandai. Sume orang ade had diorg dan kelebihan masing2.

Then, kakak aku sambung blaja kat ICATS, kolej separuh swasta separuh kerajaan yang menawarkan kursus2 mekanikal. Then, kat situ la kakak aku berubah. Result die slalu bagus.

Skarang die keje sebagai Pembantu Tadbir Kewangan kat IPTAR (institut perguruan). Takde kaitan pon dengan ape yang die blaja.

Aku paham kenape my parents meletakkan kepercayaan yang penuh kat aku sebab my background (Aku juz cakap jew ek. Dun get me wrong. Hehehe...) Sebab background aku tu la aku tensen cam skarang. Aku boleh di katakan outstanding kat skewl. UPSR 5A's, PMR straight A's & SPM pon 5A's.

So pakcik aku, bapak kepada kazen aku yang same UITM dengan aku (rujuk perenggan 2).. die nak sangat aku jadi doktor. Sebab die sekarang pembantu perubatan. Die la yang bagi nama aku tyme aku kecik.

Doktor???? Haha… macam nak tergelak aku… sape yang berminat jadi doktor kene sorang yang sangat excellent dalam pelajaran dan rajin. Aku dah cakap kat bapak aku yang aku tak mampu jadi doktor.

Aku tau limit aku sampai mana. Pakcik aku tu pon 1. Suh la anak die jadi doktor. Apasal aku pulak. Huhuhu… bapak aku nie r. Beria sangat nak aku jadi doktor. Ingat senang kew. Huhuhu…

Kawan aku tyme kat skewl n matrix pointer 4 flat jew. Skunk amek medic, pointer die nak dapat 3 lebih pon susah…apatah lagi aku. Hahaha…

So…matlamat aku skunk dah berubah. Aku akan teruskan sampai degree then aku nak keje. Kalo boleh aku nak jadi cikgu ajar math sebab aku minat math. Hehe… xpon aku jadi kakitangan sains kew..ape2 yang ade kaitan dengan sains…

Disamping itu… hehe… aku nak menceburi gak dunia design2 nie tp bukan design baju macam pereka fesyen r… tp sumthing like interior designer or design baju t-shirt.

Korang pulak??? Harap2 berjaya jugak ek dalam hidup… tu jew la.. sekian…terime kasih sebab dengar bebelan aku. Fuhh... relief dah...hehe...adios amigos..

*Camnie la muke aku tensen..poyokan...uhuk3..*


taG daRi pqa :)

nak ckp thanx kat Cik Pqa sebab ingat kat Sidd..:P

bekas kekasih saya adalah :
*erm..kene ckp ke..zaman skolah..adik angkat dah trangkat..lps tu bdk satu klaz.huhu..

saya sedang mendengar :
*Boom Boom Pow> Black Eye Peas

saya patut :
*dah dpt keja tp bpk saya x kasi sebab suh smbg degree... Is dis a Joke??!!!....

saya suka :
*kalo org tu baek kat saya, saya pon baek kat die.
*saye ske muzix.
*saye ske melukis.
*saye ske pompuan sempoi.
*saye ske keamanan dan kebahagian.

sahabat-sahabat baik saya :
*Ameer, Farah, Syahme, Abby, Dux, Syea, Ferd, Pqa, Dilla, Nurul, Diana

saya tak faham :
*pasai pa org leh berubah dalam sekelip mata

saya kehilangan :
*sorg pakcik yg amat disayangi
*atuk yg dikasihi
*hanpon peberet

ramai yang berkata :
*ko nie Cina kew ade campuran?... pale lutut ko..aku melayu la..

makna nama saya :
*Al-Siddiq = Yang membenarkan

cinta itu adalah :
*Bila kita mencintai seseorg dgn ihklas dan sanggup berbuat apa saja.
*Mata menjadi buta tetapi hanya dapat melihat kasih sayang si dia. Chewahhh..uhuk3..

di sesuatu tempat, seseorang sedang :
*menderita xmakan, peperangan, diskriminasi

saya akan cuba :
*menjadi org yg lebih baik dr semalam

ayat selamanya membawa maksud :
*forever and ever, eternity, everlast, infiniti

telefon bimbit saya :
*SE G705
*Nokia 3250

bila terjaga dari tidur :
*aku akan termenung sekejap.. kalo aku terbgn mlm2 aku amek mp4 dgr jap..hii...

saya paling meluat apabila :
*org bwk kete bila masuk simpang x bg signal
*org bwk kete tp x gune lane betol2
*org yg aku ckp elok2 tp die kuang ajo
*paling benci kat sesape yg wat video x senonoh tu
*org berlagak, ske menipu, ego

pesta/parti adalah :
sambutan yg amat aku ske tp aku x ske mkn kek...uwerkk..

haiwan yang paling comel yang pernah anda temui :
KUCING adalah makhluk ALLAH yang PALING comel gile b*b*.... aku paling ske...

peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah :
mase aku sekolah rendah sbb tyme tu aku gengster gile tp bile masuk Sekolah Sains aku dah jd baek sbb sekolah SBP skema giler..

hari ini :
*aku amek mak aku keje dan aku telah mengunting rmbt aku pendek..huhu..

malam ini saya akan :
*maybe aku akan merayap kemana2 lps tu aku nak tgk tv sbb citer best..

esok pula saya akan :
kuar2 jalan...tgk wayang ke..

saya betul2 inginkan :
*satu hari nanti aku akan dikurniakan hidayah dr Tuhan
*umur famili, saudara mara, kawan2, guru2 di panjangkan umur
*aku dan kakak aku akan berjaya dalam hidup
*Tuhan mengurniakan sebanyak mana rezeki kpd kluarga aku
*aku akan berjaya dalam hidup tanpa perasaan berlagak dan masih merendah diri
*hidup bahagia dgn wanita yg aku cintai n anak2 yg soleh

ketika anda lihat wajah anda di cermin pagi ini :
*rambut dah panjang sesgt..leh ikat agi..rebonding lak tu

pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan :
*no to pusat membeli-belah sbb aku xske shopping sebab leceh
*no to arked permainan sbb aku sgt bengong main game..aku pandai main tumblebug je..

makanan barat atau jepun :
*makanan Jepon sebab Jepon makan fresh2

bilik yang terang atau gelap :
*gelap la..sebab aku susah nak tido terang2..

bestfrend ever :
Ameer, Farah, Syahme, Abby, Dux, Syea

saya nak tag :
*aku x nak tag sape2 sebab aku paling terakhir di tag..member aku x reti kalo kene tag
p/s: xtaw la nak wat post ape.. nsb bek ade org tag.. sori la ye sape2 yg dok bace blog aku xde update je.. jap2..aku nak pergi bilik termenung jap..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

ceRiTa saYa

Aku baru je tgk citer 'Skrip 7707' ari nie. Citer die pasal 9 buah citer drpd 9 org yg berkongsi citer hantu atas pengalaman sendiri. Seram gak la.

Tp aku bagi rating 3.5/5 je..sbb agak kureng umph dr segi jalan citer yg meleret2..sbb ktorg nak tgk bab seram je... then die punye lighting pon x seram... n hantu pon bole la.. seram lagi dari hantu Ahmad Idham..sori ye bang..

Disebabkan citer tu pon pasal diorg berciter antu.. aku pon nak gak berkonsi citer seram dr pengalaman sendiri.. tp korg jgn la cuak pulak nak bace citer aku nie, x seram punye..

Meh.. kome nak habaq kat mike...

Citer die mcm nie...bende nie kan at least mcm sebulan sekali tau kene kat aku, aku pon heran. Mcm bulan lepas.. aku kuar dgn bezpwen aku. Dah kol 8 mlm lebey mcm tu la aku anto beliau. Tp umah beliau tu bkn jalan utama dr umah aku.

So, ade 3 jalan. Jalan no 1, xde lampu..dah la jmbtn tu berhantu...xnak aku..semak samun keliling. Lepas tu jalan no 2, ade lampu jalan tp sekerat2. Sekejap ade skjp xde n bersemak samun jgk. Jalan 3, ok..ade lampu jalan..full.. tp jauh sesgt dr umah aku.. so aku pon amek kptsn amek jalan no 2..

On d way tu kan.. punye la seram.. aku asek tgk seat belakang je.. dah la kuang ajo punye lampu jalan..sekerat2. Ape daa.. kete lain pon xde dpn blkng...memang hampeh..

x jauh dr selekoh..dr jauh ag aku nampak budak kecik umo bdk tadika la.. melintas jln dr semak sebelah kanan ke semak sebelah kiri.. aku dah kecut.. kuang ajaq tol..nsb bek aku jauh ag x terlanggar.

Aku pon slow down la tgk mane ntah bdk tu..xde plak..semak jew. hutan ade la.. aku pon diam smbil melajukan kete..bile sampai kat bhgn berlampu jln.. baru le ade kete..hampehhh sgt... aku dah cuak yg aku tau bdk tu memang laju la lari..mcm lembaga hitam je.. neves hamba..

Citer kedua nie berlaku pada bulan nie.. aku sesorg kat umah.. mak bpk aku pg umah atok, kakak aku lak kuar. Aku pon tgk la berita tv3 smbil makan dpn tv..kuang ajaq kan? Hehehe.. Remote aku ltk kat jauh hujung sofa tu lps tu aku pg la basuh pinggan..

Korang taw x ape jadi??? Aku tgk tv menyiarkan tv1 lak??? Bile mase lak aku tkr tv1?? Heran aku... aku meluangkan masa setgh jam untuk memikirkan bende tu smpai la mak bpk aku datang..

Amacam ok x??? Sbnrnye aku pon xske tp byk sgt berlaku smpai aku pon dah bese far aku xde lagi 100% fully contact with those entities...aminn...aku pon xnak..
So, tell me if I'm crazy ok...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

aNOtheR qUiZ..pLiZ taG!!

As I promised, more quiz for you also as a variation in my posts. Well...Gud luck eberibadi!!!!



*Setiap manusia punyai kehendak yang berlainan yang tersimpan jauh dalam lubuk hati. Tanpa disedari, kehendak ini mempamerkan personaliti sebenar anda*

1. Jika anda menyertai perlumbaan kenderaan, nombor apa yang anda guna & memulakan perlumbaan?

a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3 e) 7 f) 99 g) 100
2. Semasa melancong berseorangan di negara asing, anda tergelincir lalu terseliuh & langsung x bleh brjalan. Sebuah knderaan brhenti & pemiliknya ingin menghulurkan bantuan. Apakah kenderaan tersebut???

a) Basikal b) Motosikal c) Keta Sport d) Lori e) Kuda

3. Jikalau dihidangkan, makanan mana yang anda pilih dahulu?

a) Kek b) Strawberi c) Biskut d) Puding

4. Buah apa memberi anda imej seseorang yg anda kenali?
a) Epal b) Tembikai c) Anggur d) Strawberi

5. Ada serbuk putih pada pinggan anda, anda teka ianya:

a) Garam b) Gula c) Dadah d) Kanji

6. Ada 5 jenis bentuk biskut di hadapan anda. 1 drnya mengandungi racun. Bentuk mana yang anda makan?

a) Bulat b) Tiga segi c) Empat segi d) Bentuk bintang


There u goes. Interesting aite? Please copy these questions to know the answer which is the mirror of u.

Sape2 yg jwp soklan kuar tajuk tu xde jwpn ek...(jeling2 kat En. Ferd n Pqa...ngeh3)

Sume soklan nie amek dr buku..jgn kate aku sesuka hati jew bg jwpn..


*sengal_unta's (GAYA saya MUSIX saya RETRO saya)*
*[x]mint[x] (duniadimatasaya)*
*pqa (luvchipsmore)*
*ezeldacassilas (ezeldacassilas)*
*shazreena myeor (take heed : you do not find what you do not seek)*
*guavaboy (my life....your life...n our life...)*
*syahme (igotridoftwisteddiary)*
And sape2 yg berminat... please do k... I'll be very pleased.


LeaVe mE aLone!

I used to like Hope.

Hope was like heart and soul to me.

Everyday starts I thinking of Hope.

Hope give me strength each day.



But not anymore.

I hate you Hope.

I want you to stay away from me.

I want you leave me alone for now on.

Let me forget Hope for a while.

p/s: no way.... I'm talking crap again.... T.T


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

buNga2 bertaBuran

Well... This post I dedicated especially to Ameer who was very eager to know what was happening today. Let me begin my story..

Ingat x mlm td, tyme Pejal kol aku? Aku tgh on9 ym. So, aku pon same gak mcm ko, I was speechless. Pejal dah nangis2 tyme die kol aku dlm kol 11.30 lebey mcm tu la. Aku agak blur utk memproses bende tu. Rupe2 mak (mak angkat) dah meninggal. Aku juz dpt ckp... owh.. bwk bersabar.. esok aku datang sebelum mak dikuburkan.

Malam td memang aku xbleh tido sbb kabo yg mengejutkan. So pg td, aku terpaksa la antar mak aku pg klinik dulu sbb ade appointment dgn doktor. Aku pon kol la Pejal tanye bile dikuburkan. Pejal jwb, diorg dah kat kubur. Aku ingatkan lepas zohor tp aku kene pg jgk.
Lps selesai sume, aku pon bertolak la ke Kg. Buntal. Rumah tu dah ade khemah tok org mkn tahlil malam nie. Aku pon pg la salam dgn Abg. Zaidi. Aku pon tanye la mcm mane mak jd mcm tu. Bg. Zaidi ckp, mule2 mak ok jew mlm tu. Mula2 die mengadu sakit kaki. Diorg ingat nak bwk pg klinik tp xjd sbb ingat mak dah ok.

Lps tu famili Bg Zaidi blk umah diorg. Tp Kak Zu kol suh diorg dan anak2 mak dtg sbb mak dah xde. Bg. Zaidi ckp, ade lendir kat kerongkong mak xdpt nak dikeluarkan. Kerongkong mak dah keras dan merah. Sebab sblm nie, mak kene pg klinik keluarkan bende tu bg lega sikit. Tp name pon ajal kan.

Afterall, Bg. Zaidi ckp at least die rase puas jage mak sbb diorg memang dah byk ikhtiar sembuhkan mak. Sebab org kate, penyakit Kanser nie walaupon dah sembuh tp akar die masih ade. Takot die menyerang kali ke2.

Aku pon pg la salam kat bpk. Aku tgk mata bpk masih merah. Menangis kot. Yela, ko pon tau kan die dah byk berabis kesana-sini nak sembuhkan mak. Duit pon dah byk hbs. Then, aku slm gak kat tetamu2 yg dtg.
Then, aku slm dgn org dapur lak. Aku salam dgn Kak Zu dulu. Kak Zu pon nmpk sedih. Kak Syella, Kak Maria dgn bini Bg Sheri tgh potong nanas nak wat lauk tahlil mlm nie. Aku bersembang kjp.

Lps tu, aku ajak Pejal pg kubur nak bace Yassin. So, ktorg pon pg la naik moto. Bg Zaidi follow pakai keta dgn Shafiq n Ijan. Ktorg pon sedekah la Yasin. Gmbr yg ko tgk tu, kubur mak la. Nanti dlm minggu nie diorg bg simen. Bg elok. Ltk batu. Utk teguhkan. Fyi, Pejal ckp kubur mak betul2 sebelah kubur mak bpk die jgk.

Rumah bpk memang x putus2 tetamu dtg. Diorg pon sibuk nak wat tahlil. So, aku pon minta diri la nak blk. Bkn aku xnak pg tahlil, tp ko tau la Mer, umah aku jauh dr ctu. Nak blk mlm lak. Lain la kalo ade ko. So, aku janji shortly aku dtg dgn bpk aku utk tahlil sbb tyme aku dtg diorg ade tanye pasal famili aku.

Well, Ameer..diorg pon ade tanye psl ko. Aku dah bgtau yang aku menyampai pesan dr Ameer dgn Irsyad ucap takziah. Bdk2 ckp Irsyad xdapat nak d kol mlm td. Xde dah kerusi tmpt mak slalu duduk tu kat dapur.
Aku smpt jgk lepak2 dgn budak2. Alif dah besar dah Mer. Cerdik dah. Then, ade Ika, Ezzah, Tasya, Panglima Aidil (xde hingus ag dah..haha), Wan(emol) sume tanye ko. Anak bpk yg xde aku pasan cam Bg Saugi dgn Bg Sheri. Tu je la.. maybe makan tahlil these coming days aku pg kot.

Well, aku ckp kat Pejal..jgn nakal2 lagi, jgn buat keje x elok sbb kite xde mase utk sume tu. Sbb hidup ini pendek. Bile2 mase je Tuhan leh tarik blk. Kalo x sempat nak bertobat camne?. So, tyme blk tu aku speeding sebab aku xnak bertembong dgn org balk keje nanti jalan jam...

p/s: Aku sempat tgk kete Bg. Saugi, Mer...owhhh..mcm tu..Hehe..Anyway..marilah kite same2 sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada arwah mak. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat serta bersama2 golongan yg beriman. Amin.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

peLiK tp siDDiQ

Pernah x korang kat situasi nie???? Agak pelik jgk la... kisah die camnie... Pasal ade 2 org bdk yang aku kenal setakat nie...aku indentified la..

Ktorg memang pernah jadi kawan tp xde la kwn rapat... juz ktorg same2 pg camping JPA (Fyi aku dulu 2 semester amek JPA kat UiTM..ngeh3).

Disebabkan aku nie taiko/outspoken(chewah), budak2 slalu la jadi follower aku sebab tyme tu pon bdk2 senior yg wat camping tu... so diorg ingat nak raging ktorg la.

Then, sepanjang camping tu memang aku dan bdk tu dan bdk2 lain jd kamceng sebab ktorg satu group lelaki same batch. Ktorg lepak2... sembang2 cam bese.

Bdk nie at 1st malu2..muke seyes, ala control cenggitu tp lama2 ok da, pandai jgk bergaul.. Ktorg address die sbg Mr. Parkinson sebab die kene torture wat aksi pesakit parkinson..wakakakaka...pdn muke kaw...

Tp.. lepas abes je camp tu... start blk pg kuliah... bole plak die wat dunno tyme jumpe aku.. eh??? Aku x phm la??? Cube korg fkr... we used to noe each other for god sake!

Aku plak yg beria-ia nak menego beliau tp die wat dunno je??? Aku taw la ko tu amek 'Civil Engineering', budget kaw bangga la... aku nie setakat belaja Sains je..

Kejap! Bkn aku nak beria-ia sgt jd kwn kaw... aku juz confused. Aku juz xphm sbb kan kite same2 pg camp, apsal lps tu wat2 x kenal??? Selama nie kaw fake la???

Ahax! Kalo bkn buddy pon at least la ade 'eye contact' ke then senyum... a simple gesture maa.... lgpon aku juz nak bertego sbb pernah kenal..bkn nak jd bff ko pon...tu je..

Then, sorg mamat nie... used to be geng aku gak.. salu kuar dgn aku & ameer tp baru2 nie aku jumpe die kat KFC. Die dgn awek die. Sebab da lame x jumpe kan... so aku pon biar r dulu.

Lps die nak balik bole r tego die sebab meja aku mkn pon x jauh dr pintu. So.. aku dah ready nak tego beliau...then die straight je die jalan kuar..hai... tipulah kalo x nampak aku... hak3...

Well...pengajaran nye... rupe2 nye kan..mcm2 jenis makhluk kat dunie nie yg aku harus prepare so next tyme xde la aku terkezut+confuse ag..hehehe...

p/s: Heranseh aku.... ade lagi...hak2....aku pon xnak la jadi kwn kaw.. ingat aku nie hadap sgt kew.....ampehhh....
*JPA=Jabatan Pertahanan Awam*

*BFF=Best Friend Forever*