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Monday, July 27, 2009

yeS..sHe wAs $o trUe

Today I went randomly at Youtube and these video/commercial about 2 primary school kids being interviewed. So cute and I played it all over again and again. I can feel relationship between them. So warm & so Malaysian. It's so true that, innocent child doesn't know about racism but grown up does. all you know, Yasmin Ahmad had passed away and all people keep posting story about her. I just feel bad about these sudden news. What I can do is only send my prayer to her. As you realized, there's a lot of death happen recently (including in my posts) and I realized that life is too short to be unfair (also mentioned in my previous post).

Looking back at those movies Yasmin had successfully made, Sepet is my 1st one really put a deep scar (good scar) in my heart. During very previous years, I hardly know Sharifah Amani. I saw this poster with 2 teenagers, a Chinese guy and a Malay girl wearing baju kurung sitting at the dock.

Honestly, I found this movie is so Malaysian. At 1st, I was shocked at the scene where the guy try to kiss the girl and some desperate man pregnanted her ex-girlfriend. I was thinking, how this film can passed the LPF?

To tell you the truth, all the scene is actually TRUELY HAPPENED these days. We should not being a hypocrite about these. I'm saying these not because I want it to be practical but I want people to know that it's happened in our community and stop being an denier.

For example, my mom who was so in 'shock mode' recently because she just found out that early secondary students know how to do that 'thing' at their young age with videos published about 'that' which they claimed kind a popular these days. She keep saying that the kids were sooo expert doing 'that' compared to their age. She paused at about 15 minutes thinking that.

Well mom.. you just saw 0.3% of it. A lot more like 99.7% will make you cultural shock/brain cramp. I'm STRICTLY says that I'm not approved all of this act but we should aware how the kids behave or how adults behave etc in these manipulating world. So, the words 'shocked' is so out of fashion.

And I saw a video by Yasmin called 'funeral' about a funeral of a Chinese man with an Indian wife. All kind of races come to the funeral and its strengthen the word FAMILY at the end of the video.

Now, I realized that we are being paranoid about skin color but deep inside us we still the same. We cannot simply conclude that outer look justify the behavior of the person. Why not Chinese married Malay? Malay with Indian? Skin color just a minor excuse.

Most of Yasmin's movie promotes loves between different races. Because she wants us to be as one. BANGSA MALAYSIA. Not bangsa Melayu, Cina or India but Bangsa Malaysia. I know that some of us feels that they are more comfortable between their own race but you never try right? Once you try you will feel more Malaysian.

Myself have a different kind of friends. My 2 bestfriends are non-muslim( race: bidayuh) but I still hold to my religion. Furthermore, they respect my religion as well as myself to them. Abby is Iban, Dux & Stanley is Bidayuh. And I feel sooo MALAYSIAN.

'You will have more color in you if you blend with other races'

'Seeing is believing'