Thanks for viewing, reading & commenting on my blog. Sorry that my blog is not as promising as the other blogs. But I keep learning & make it as an outgoing process.

My biggest problem is making friends among bloggers because I'm kinda new and I just started in the middle of 2008.

Then my problem is in handling the blog itself. You can see that my blog is not interactive as yours with very basic layout, lame pictures, uncool widgets just because I'm DUMB at these things which I major the BASIC only.

SO, I need your guide because I'm a NERD science student that know nothing like budak baru blaja..

I'm so appreciate your comments during your visit at my blog.

Sesape yang aku follow tu, aku nak ucap sori sebab nyebok. Don't get me wrong ok. I don't have any specific reason. No reason actually.

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Monday, October 27, 2008


Lemme tell you whaTs the dishes before you.. erm, the middle one is mix veggies, to the right of it is ulams (raw veggies): pucuk ubi, daun bunga kunyit and kacang botol. Below of it is the sambal... very spicy. Yummy...
Apart from the we have squid (very below) and sayur cangkuk manis...dats what my mother called..and also brinjal (terung) ...
Very left above is the stim fish made by my aunty... very delicious I tell you. Ahax.. DUn underestimested by its look.. you have to try it..

Wawa my kazen actually can beat me if there is a competition on how long you can hold eating spicy things...huhuhu

Look at their face while waiting for the others...cant wait..hehehe...