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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ever heard? A modern story of 'A Walk to Remember'

It's been ages i didn't updated my blog (i guess). Just because of my daily life is so boring lately. But there's a story i'm going to share. Thus i'm a storyteller when it comes to writing. LOL. It's about a love story of 2 pure-hearted lovebirds that hardly united just because of some sad pathetic reasons. And this is a true story of a friend of mine.

There is a cute, fair skin & long hair women called Jesse. She is a non-muslim from Sarawak who studying in Shah Alam. She's known as a talkative, kindhearted, easygoing, a little tomboyish girl among of her friends. Which is why she have a lot of friends & people feel so comfortable around her. When its comes to a relationship (from her previous one), i trust that she is different from other girls. She's not a fussy one as well do not like to force anybody.

And there is a muslim man named Shah from Kuantan which resembled Mat Rempit, tall, dark skin, messy hair, ignorance, seems cannot be trusted-kind-of-person, always over the border, not appreciate people enough & likes to fool people around & messing with their feeling, rarely say thank you & couldn't care enough for anyone. But still he has good qualities. But when it comes to having a conversation, he always talk nicely. Likes to joke which is why people cannot take him seriously. Still have a nice heart & definitely a family man.

Both of them are my friends.

Why two of them become both?

Basically there were 4 people including Shah in a group plus Jesse. Obviously Jesse likes to help this lazy group of men. Sorry guys. LOL. For a certain reasons, 3 of Shah's friends splited their own way & left Shah with Jesse alone. Because of they always spend times together, some kind of funny feeling between them blossomed.

Shah always needed Jesse to help him for every assignment in his life. From waking him up for class until helping him to finish up his assignments (btw they're in the same course). For the record, although Jesse is so exhausted like hell helping this guy, she still doing so but having a sigh at the same time. Jesse always complaining to me that, Shah always mad at him when she called him to wake him up for class. But, he asked Jesse to do so the night before.

Its that funny enough? :p

Shah always mentioned that he's not looking Jesse as a girl because she always hang out with guys. Sometimes it hurt Jesse so bad but she just keep it to herself. Shah even talked roughly like sometimes rising his voice when Jesse interrupting him. Jesse had told me that she even cried when he did that but not in the present of Shah definitely.

But yes, there are some good qualities of this guy despite of his annoying & childish attitude (according to Jesse). He always accompanied Jesse wherever Jesse go although he has a lot of guy friends. He will contribute his 100% of dedication when doing assignments with Jesse. Both of them will meet up at some place (mostly at KFC) & discussing until late at night. Shah also not hesitated to help Jesse for whatever she requested. He even give Jesse some gift ( 3 kind of gift and one of them a sweater & she refuse it).

Is that a clue of something going on between them? Like a puzzle needed to be completed? Ha!

You have to wait to see what happened between them that will touch your heart.

To be continued... because i'm so damn sleepy right now. Zzzzzz~