Thanks for viewing, reading & commenting on my blog. Sorry that my blog is not as promising as the other blogs. But I keep learning & make it as an outgoing process.

My biggest problem is making friends among bloggers because I'm kinda new and I just started in the middle of 2008.

Then my problem is in handling the blog itself. You can see that my blog is not interactive as yours with very basic layout, lame pictures, uncool widgets just because I'm DUMB at these things which I major the BASIC only.

SO, I need your guide because I'm a NERD science student that know nothing like budak baru blaja..

I'm so appreciate your comments during your visit at my blog.

Sesape yang aku follow tu, aku nak ucap sori sebab nyebok. Don't get me wrong ok. I don't have any specific reason. No reason actually.

-the writer




Sunday, February 21, 2010

i caNNoT maKe cHoiceS

Hari nie kan... hari ahad. Aku ingat nak buat assignment & lab2 repot sumer. Dah siap lab report fizik, then move on to revision bio untuk quiz sok. Naper yek, aku rase susah nak consume sumer nie. Aku bleh menghafal tapi ntah la... x sebati dalam hati aku langsung. Kalo ade sesape tanye pasal bio & aplikasi dalam kehidupan seharian, aku bleh jawab tapi kalo nak kata bio nie sebati dengan jiwa aku.. tidak sama sekali.

Nape xde sape2 yang paham perasaan aku. Aku x minat Bio laaaa.... tapi aku amek sebab parents aku yang mati2 suruh aku amek. Tak nak bantah sebab nak amek berkat. Tolong paham boleh tak??? Bosan laaaa... hafal bende2 camnie. Bile nak habis daaaa....

Tak tau la camne. Tapi aku lebih suka kepada kemahiran kreativiti, art & designing. Seyes! Mase aku diploma dulu, rumate aku budak art & design, aku la yang salu tolong die wat assignment. Excited giler wooo... hahaha... adessss... ingat nak amek minor art kat cni tapi ade kew minor in art untuk fakulti aku... xdakkk ponnn..

So sekarang aku maen telan jeee... aku cuba semangatkan diri aku & tanamkan minat terhadap bidang ini. Kalo aku blaja, aku cuba2 buat macam tengah baca magazine. Tapi realitinya.... tuhan saja yang tahu...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

There's quite a scene at section 2, shah alam

If u knew section.2, Shah Alam, there's a food court just next to KFC. That's where i spend almost of my time filling my appetite. LOL. Quite a number of food stall & variety of food to try on. But its not the food that distracted me. There's some kind of scene that really bothering me, which never been practiced in my hometown.

A beggar. Child's beggar. Mom's beggar. People beg for money. This scene is really bothering me & instantly kill my appetite. Not because I'm a cheapskate. No. These people who are so-called beggar force anyone who stop to eat to give them something, if not there won't budge!!! For god sake!!

Almost everyday, I'll come here to eat. And almost everyday they come to beg for money. What is this? A tax? For example, there's a boy come to our table & asked for money. After a few minutes, he still standing there. I was going to pull my wallet to give one ringgit but my friend insisted to give his.

Then, the boy went to another table. Aiyooo... same happened at the next day. If you lucky enough, you will enjoy your meal in peace. If you lucky enough laaa... LOL...

Then, a few days later I saw a little girl beg for money to a table which accommodated with a girls among my age. Maybe the girls are the students of UiTM. At first, they ignored the girl but surprisingly the girl waited at their table like 15 minutes!!! Quite a struggling act. LOL!!! Then, one of the girl pulled a one ringgit note and gave to the girl and then she moved away. Whattt??? What such a word should i describe this???

  •  I dunno if this act is real or not. Are they really a beggar or some kind of syndicate behind it??
  •  Why they seems so desperate looking for money?? Jobless?? Or homeless??
  • Is it the 'mother' of they child's beggar really their mother or just some kind of cover??
  •  Why no authorities take an actions??

 If they seems so helpless, i'm willing to join any charity works so that i can offer them a hand but in a right way, please.If they beg for money at only one time is ok, but if its everyday?? I'm not sure....

Sometimes the things you saw might be cheating your eyes...

Friday, February 5, 2010

penyakit bosan :masalah kendiri (kendiri??? Walllaaa!!!)

To tell you the truth, there are some certain time where i can easily found myself lying in the battlefield of boredom. Seriously. Just like right now, where i wandering around my house ALONE. People here get busy at all times, they hardly talk to anybody. And these emptiness & loneliness is killing me from the inside.

As for example, my roomate, Kay (as what i had mentioned). When he get so excited online-ing, he will ignored when i talked to him. Just because he get super-excited browsing girls, chatting etc. Yes, online is good but all the times?? Are you serious??

I kinda active & noisy guy. I cannot live without talking. I cannot live without any noise.

My other housemate juz got back from work & he seemed tired. No mood to talk or hanging out. Its ok. No worries.His roomate, also student doing a internship at what-so-ever company hardly being seen in the house. He must be pretty confortable at the outside & come back only to sleep. Ok.

My other 2 housemate, always going out & doing their own bussiness. Then Kay, going for his course test at 8.00 pm and just got back at 11.30-something pm. I waited for him to get something to eat, but it was too late when he reached home & i bet he already eaten outside. He seemed did not bother about me still not eating until now.

I think the problem come from myself, i guess. Because its a nature for people keep doing busy which give me these symptoms where i cannot talk, i cannot laugh, i cannot joke & i cannot being happy. Shows how sick & paranoid i am. I'm strictly NOT blaming them, but again maybe these sickness come from myself. Ermmm... maybe i should less doing that so-called habits. Yeah!! I'll try!

I have to find my own happiness.... i guess...

p/s: Chiow...i have no mood to talk right now &  i need to swallow something.. later....