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Thursday, August 6, 2009

bEtwEEn waRshiP and friENdshiP


From left: Ani, Me, and Jijah

Once open a time. there was a war between 2 nations. People believed that it was caused by a rotten apple from perhaps either nation.

Refer to the history, a strike happened between the cousins first before the parents take part. And it still not ended until today.

It was a story of my family obviously. Between my family and my mom's brother's family. Their ungrateful daughter was a rotten apple and us, the cousins are the victims of the rottenness.

Then, her parents take part and suddenly everybody joined.

I missed my cousins (upper pics). Should I say, I missed them like hell!! But I can't or I'm not allowed to. I know they missed me too by now.

My mother will cut me into pieces if she know I'm in contact with them. It's all about this stupid war!!

We're not spoken to each other for almost 2 years now. Fyi, we're the victims here. I used to be sooo close to those two. You can't imagine how much.

My mother and my sis and their allies even forced me to delete all of the pictures which included those family. Now, I'm only got this picture in myspace because my side allies did not have myspace but facebook and friendster.
Me and Jijah during good all days raya.

You know how us three so closed??? Because we're 1987 cronies. Born at the same year, schooled at the same school, befriended with the same friends.

During PRIMARY SCHOOL, us three were so GANGSTER, we even make an influenced between students. Plus, we Prefect. We terminated anybody who over us. So stupid! Hahaha!!

For example, if anybody not 'bow' before us, we will gladly wrote her/his name and sent it to the discipline teacher for detentions.

Us three regulated the main gate of the school and wrote anybody's name who was late although they did begged. We showed no mercy.

When new students came, of course stereotypically new students will have attention by the teachers. What we did??? We snatched back the hierarchy by hiding their school shoes during KAFA and pretended we did not do it.

Do not blame me. Its unmatured brain that controlled me. But it was my precious moment I shared with them. I and Ani even caught by the Ustaz because we 'mengumpat' him which we wrote down in a letter during his class.

Me and Jijah were busy chatting on the road and I made her knocked by a motorcycle. She suffered a very minor injuries.

Us three even smuggled ourselves during 3rd day of RAYA to go outing by bus.

All of these are my primary school year.

Before the war, my mom always reminded me,

"Can you stop being bias, can you??? You have another cousins, you know."

But not anymore.

p/s: I hope my mom do not read this.