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Saturday, July 25, 2009

waNitA idAManKU..BeauTY wiTh a BRAIN!

Seperti biase, tyme bosan2 aku ske tgk TV series and dgr musix. So, aku pon usha2 la awek2 whose being displayed.

Dan aku sangat2 tertarik kat female actress yang berlakon mcm a total wh*re+b*tch+k*ck*ss (ooppps!) but actually when off set, sorg yg sangat baik dari segi attitude and actually beauty with a BRAIN.

Top 6 beauty with a BRAIN (attitude+achievements)

Emma Watson (Harry Potter)

Emma Watson yg berlakon citer Harry Potter tu. Aku dah tgk sumer citer Harry Potter sebab aku nie moviegoer. Sekarang kan die grown up woman dan dah santekkk. Die jgk dah menceburi bidang model.

Emma Watson juga akan masuk Brown University kat US. Korg tgk kat Youtube video die interview with David Letterman and I found out dat she is a polite girl whose have most A's in high school. Yay!

Natalie Portman (Star Wars, V for Vendetta)

Natalie Portman yg cute lagi gorgeous. Korang perasan x filem si Natalie nie mesti yang grand2 punye, mesti yang Box Office la. Contohnya, Star Wars, V for Vendetta etc. Aku rase lakonan die pon sgt bersahaja dan x jemu aku memandang. Hehehe..

Actress yg lain memang byk menjadikan Natalie sbg idola diorg sbb Natalie sgt choosy dlm memilih filem lepas tu mesti meletop filem tu. Dah la, background of study die pon gempak.

Natalie pernah skipped the premiere of Star Wars: Episode I supaya die leh study for her high school final exams. Enter Harvard College with a bachelor's degree in psychology. I mean Harvard ok! Sume org tau yg die nie sgt berdedikasi pasal pelajaran & she got 4.0 in exam!


Dilshad Vadsaria (Greek TV series)

Ingat x kat Rebecca Logan dalam citer Greek tu. Hebat kan karekter die. Memang b*tch la. Tp setelah aku wat research, die nie actually berasal dr Pakistan yg ikut family die travel kat US dr kecik lagi.

Dilshad’s college experience was nothing like Rebecca’s. “I used to be a bio major at the University of Delaware,” she said, “so I was very premed-oriented. My life was really about the classroom, and about lab work — all the extra labs you kind of have to take with each class. And I was working, like, trying to earn some money and everything like that. Rebecca lived a very different life.”


Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical)

Walaupon korg tgk die nie dlm HSM mcm gedik je, die nie ekceli seorg yg sgt baek attitude x mcm Vanessa Hudgens yg wat gmbr nude tu. Aku dah x ske kat Vanessa Hudgens sbb bende tu.
Aku ingat die baek tp compared to Ashley, Ashley seorg yg versatile, good singer, model n good attitude. Xde kan dgr pasal kontroversi beliau?

Die jgk seorg yg sgt berdedikasi dlm karier nyanyian die which album Headstrong succeded when it appeared for the first time in the Billboard 200 reaching the highest places during many weeks.


Nan Zhang (Gossip Girl)

Kalo korg tgk Gossip Girl (sebagai Katia Farkas) season 1 die nie ade muncul2 kat awal2 episod je. Kwn dgn si Isabel tu. First2 aku tgk pon..comel gak die nie. Fashion ala2 barbie doll, japanese style.

Fyi, die nie ikut family die gak moved tu US when she was 6 where parents die nie both doctor n settled kat New Orleans. Die merasakan die nie 'nerd' kat High School tp die ranked top of her school class.

Then, she moved to Baltimore to attend Johns Hopkins University to pursue a career in medicine, specializing in neuroscience. Wow! Die gak aktif dlm modelling after being selected in Chanel/Seventeen Magazine's New Model of the Year contest.


Lisa Surihani (Im not single)

Kalo kat Malaysia aku ske kat Lisa. Aku taw yg die nie law student n attitude die pon bgs gak. Dats y I likkeee..Hehehe.. Aku dgr tyme die di interview kat Hotfm pasal die xmenang Anugerah Bintang Popular tu sbb Stacy menang.

Die ckp kat Faizal yg die pon respect jgk kat Stacy sbb bakat die pon gempak n she happy for her. Polite je. Sejuk ati aku. Lakonan die pon bgs, dah la santek. So far die nie out of controversy. Sebab ini jgk la aku pg tgk wayang nak tgk lakonan die dlm 'Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak'.

I hope dat Lisa will still be Lisa who is out of controversy but only her carreer spotted.
U go girl!!
In the nutshell, xde la aku underestimate wanita yg kat luar sana without those assets BUT aku jgk respek kat pompuan yg ade GOOD ATTITUDE. I noe nobody perfect but kita kan org Timur yg kaya dgn budaya dan sopan santun.

'Respect other$ before you want somebody to respect you'


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