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Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 extraordinary things I done during my high school

attention pleaseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not going to mention about how good or excellent things I done in high school obviously because I'm afraid that you will think that I'm boasting about my life but I'm going to share with you about my school life which shown that I'm not perfect plus I've done the same things as you do.

Before that, let me stated here that I was schooled in SM Sains Kuching which was-so-called SBP school. So what?? I heard that... Hehehe...

Let the countdowns begin.....


During Form 4, I helped my school orchestra (joined the school orchestra) to raise fund by selling Nasi Lemak, Sausages and Fishball to the students because obviously I was the Treasurer and Stanley was the President. We make ourselves 'muka tebal' by selling those also for the wardens BUT they were so evil, they ignored us! If we not achieved the target, we sell it to the juniors and FORCED them to buy it. Lastly we got simply named, 'Abg Hotdog & Abg Sausage'. Damn!

school orchestra where I used to devoted myself into

There was a time where I got a date and we dated at the top of the hill located not far from the school track and school compound. You know, the hill where they put the water tank tower and Celcom transmitter. And Vice Principle SHOUTED at us with her high pitch/suprano voice from the bottom of the hill when she saw us. That was the last time I went there. Huhuhu..

me & ______ during highschool; taken at THAT sacred hill

During Raya Haji which I was also in Form 4, I not going home and I stayed at the hostel. That night, non-muslims should be doing preparation class while muslims stay at the mosque to hear ceramah but I failed to do so. With room off-light, me and Stanley quietly stayed at the hostel and enjoyed ourselves mee maggi. I still remembered to hear the ceramah from far and wardens wandered at the hostel area. I felt stupid because we was hiding in the darkness.

room of zombies (me obviously)

I also make fun of Ustaz by called him 'Gemok' and 'Berahim' not behind but darely in front of him during my Form 3 era. He was not mad but instead he even make fun of my fathers name. Actually, he did first. I sounded so 'kurang ajar' but he didn't make any issue about that. Ustaz Khairul bin Berahim from Terengganu, I'm sorry because of my immature act :) .



This is during my Form 5, I used to SNEAK out with Stanley in his fathers car just because I have to make my hair done for that annual dinner. Luckily, we didn't get caughted and I also used to copy a warden signature because I wanted to go home so badly. You know what's the punishment of copying?? Boleh kena buang...haa... (please do not try at home) also my last time doing that. The only thing that was frequently done was sleeping during Sejarah and Bahasa Melayu. I dunno why Sejarah is so damn bored??!! But..I got A1 Sejarah during SPM. Theeheee..

shhhh...keep your *ss shut.....

During preparation class in Form 4, my hobby was to travel to other class and helped them doing noise. My class was 4 Beta and I enjoyed loitering in 4 Delta. What happened then? Warden ordered them to spend their night in front of the school block and make a line. I'm the ALIEN there whose the only one from other class and I felt that it was not fair for them because I was also contributed. But then, I jumped out joy because Syahme, Farah and Andy joined in the line. (They in 4 Alpha=the smartest class)

class-wrecker, me the rightest, syahme & farah at the middle line

When my parents visited me during weekdays, I always had problems in managing the time. My parents arrived at 6 pm until 6.30 pm but we have to clear the hostel at 6.30! Those who not, will get punished. Because of my ANGELIC face, I got released but not these time. That warden asked me to joined the others making 8 laps of running/walking at the school track! Others had done a few laps but I just started. Just imagine running at night and through the black! LoL! Lastly, I cheated the warden by saying "I've done 8 laps" but I only done 6.

PIBG shelter where I used to meet my parents where they supply food for me

I used to date someone/my classmate for only ONE day.

someone from these pixca!!!!

Form 4 era, I called my BM teacher, Cikgu Melati, 'merepek'. She was so mad that she left class immediately and went to the library to find peace. I felt sooo BAD that me and the whole classmates went to find her and apologized.

I said to her, 'Cekgu, saye cakap kawan sebelah saye merepek la..bkn cekgu. Cekgu dah salah faham.."

Actually I meant HER..So sorry Cekgu Melati. Not my purely attention. :)

sorry seems the hardest pills

The ultimate one was to find out that my close friend, ( P bukan nama sebenar) was a GAY??!! I'm STRICTLY said that NONE of my friend on your right the one I referred to. Please...

That night of Form 3, I was the last person being told because my batchmates want to keep my feeling in a circle. When I was told, I was shivered and traumatized a lot because of some FREAK and TWISTED things he done. I cannot sleep thinking that and I have to locked my room door because I was afraid to be the next victim among the other victims. Then, I could sleep soundly. You cannot imagine how much I was traumatized.

But I'm not discriminate gay people..they are fun actually...uuuuuuuu.......

can you see the expression??!!!! Can you??!! Can you???!!!! about that?? You might found my story a lil bit stereotype and lame but this is the true story that happened to me during my school era.

What are the similarities in these stories??? They are very RISKY which I'm not approved you to do so just becoz I have a tiny brain during high skool..huhuhu..

p/s: Imperfect will make them perfect.


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