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Sunday, September 27, 2009

janGan jadi boDo keNa tipU

Hari nie aku gi jalan2 jap. Orang kate hari nie last raya sebab sok orang dah stat keje. Lepas tu aku tengok ade 1 flyer nie memang common la kalo korang tengok kat newspaper memang banyak.

Yang bestnyer, kat flyer tu tulis..

"Jangan jadi bodo kena tipu"

Haa.... gaji kemain lagi dari RM1900 sampai RM3500. Korang rase2 kan keje ape tu?? Kalo aku apply sebab gaji beso ntah2 aku kena jual kat negeri orang. Tak hendakkk... boleh caye kew??

'No fast money in the world'

Situasi seterusnya aku kene 'skipping london' sebab takut kalo ade bangsa lain baca salah faham lakz. Ok...1..2..3..

First of all, this situation is NOT try to insult anyone but only for us try to aware & understand things that revolved around us whether we think we had achieved what we desire the most, all of this time.

That is,


My sista who works as a clinic receptionist told me that she had a conversation with a chinese man at the counter.

The man: Why you wearing t-shirt with a chinese letter on it?
My sista: 1 Malaysia..(she said with a smile)
The man: I don't like 1 Malaysia.
My sista: That's your problem and I have my own right to like it.
The man: (laugh)

I'm DID NOT mentioned who I blamed & I'm totally not a racist.

I don't judge people without knowing them.

Saya hanya memberitahu satu situasi. That's all.

Its in your hand to interpreted those situation & I'm not going to help you to interpreted it. Listen to your heart and follow your sincerest instinct. Then, you will get the absolute answer.

p/s: Sekarang saya tidak lagi blank!! T.T


mRs.aJaQue said...

ai..nice blog..
ai ad terbaca ur n3 psal lalt yg dok ngutuk u tu..
ai pn kne tau..
sedih n pedih....siap kutuk my husband lagi..
ai xkaco tepi kain dier pn...ntah lalat mne ntah yg wat taik gitewww.....huhu..sentap lebey nih...

i'm_siCK_n_tiReD said...

eh? betol? Siapa? Bila? Dimana? Kenapa?

[x]mint[x] said...

gahaha. singgah. singgah.
gossip hangat :)

i'm_siCK_n_tiReD said...

gosip secara sehat kata beautifulnara..hehehe..