Thanks for viewing, reading & commenting on my blog. Sorry that my blog is not as promising as the other blogs. But I keep learning & make it as an outgoing process.

My biggest problem is making friends among bloggers because I'm kinda new and I just started in the middle of 2008.

Then my problem is in handling the blog itself. You can see that my blog is not interactive as yours with very basic layout, lame pictures, uncool widgets just because I'm DUMB at these things which I major the BASIC only.

SO, I need your guide because I'm a NERD science student that know nothing like budak baru blaja..

I'm so appreciate your comments during your visit at my blog.

Sesape yang aku follow tu, aku nak ucap sori sebab nyebok. Don't get me wrong ok. I don't have any specific reason. No reason actually.

-the writer




Friday, July 30, 2010

my ideal boyfriend

Girls today are very demand$ when it comes to "a perfect boyfriend". They have expectations & specifications & requirements. But they themselves are not perfect either. Term like " an ideal boyfriend" is not exist in a real world. Be realistic girls!

They expect higher on man, because they want to be cool & want to be equal to their surroundings. They adore man with sportsman's resume, they crazy about taller & skinny one, they want a stylish man & bad boy type, they want the hunky & manly face, dark skin & a lot of money in their BF's pocket.

FYI, that type of man NEVER exist. Each one of man have a weakness once you knew them. They might look perfect but i doubt that they really that perfect. For example, I'm kinda well-mannered person. People thinks that sissy or whatsoever. But why i feeling so digusting when i saw a man carrying his GF's handbag on his shoulders like he owns it? Just because he has so-called an "ideal physical" so he get a free pass? I bet if i'm doing that people will thinks i'm sissy.

Its because im not kinda a romantic guy although im a well-mannered person aka good boy. Girls should adore me for that because not-romantic attitude will shows that I'm a cool person but thats stereotype & i hate it.

The 2nd situation, where i was washing my hand after lunch at a food stall & there was a guy washing hands beside me that look really fierce.

He has a straight face, fierce one, skinny abdomen, tall & typical guy today. But to my suprise, his ringtone was "Rah-Rah-Ah-Ah-Ah. Roma-Roma-Ma. Gaga-Oh-Lala. Want your bad Romance~". What the hell is that?? LOL! That sounds GAY! Im not even put any Lady Gaga's song as my ringtone. Hah! Thats what you called an ideal one? Bitch! Move on Byotch! LOL!~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

lagu no 1 dlm hidup u?

lagu no. 1?? banyak wooo... im sooo into the music. I have guitar at my home, a piles of music notes, i oso can sing quite well (u can say dat.. LOL). I had joined orchestra during my high school where i played trumpet. I joined oso my school marching band.. So, if u asked me about my no. 1 song in my life, theres a lot actually. My favourite song list af all tyme are miss u by blink182, wherever u will go by the calling, big yellow taxi by counting crows, superman by foo fightings, sunrise by norah jones, torn by natalie imbruglia. I love whitney houston, incubus, weezer, avril lavigne, brits indie & local scene.

Tak nyesal tukar course? Napa tak teruskan saje?

menyesal? tak kot. Saye ok je. Haha.. Minat nak dipupuk pon xleh sebab kalo paksa2 nanti stress. Its better this way & im never being happier like this. Give me time to rearrange back my goal in life. People may be brag about learning biology or anything science but not me. People shud think dat, despite learning science we oso can achieve greatness & success in life. Juz my 2 cent~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

kalau awak nak kapel kan, awak ske yg dri negeri mane?

kapel dari negeri mane? Peliknye soklan..ehehe.. Negeri mana2 pon x kesah. Planet Zargus pon bleh. Saye x memilih kalo sudah jodoh org melayu ke, cina ke, omputeh ke, africa ke, brazil ke aka alessandra ambrosio ke saya trime jer. Ahaha~ jodoh kan dtentukan tuhan. Kan3~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lucu kan?

When i got something in my mind, i have to write it. Seriously. Jom aku gitau bende lucu berlaku baru2 neh. Dua hari lepas aku saje2 je pergi interview jadi waiter kat satu hotel kat Shah Alam neh. Supervisor tu, cakap ok boleh stat esok. Aku pon stat la keje esok arinye. Shif 7 pagi sampai 3 petang. Penat jugak la. Melayan customer, komplen makanan tak sedap la, blaja setting table, camne nak letak fork, spoon & tissue sume. Then, clear table kalo diorg dah habeskan makanan tuh.

Penat owhhh... aku takde duduk. Tapi aku sonok sebab aku jenis yang takleh dok diam. So aku ske la ke hulu-hilir. Ahaha~ Mesti ade jeee benda nak di buat. Tapi yang tak best nye, keje tu satu hari je offf-day. Nanti tyme raya diorang cakap cuti sehari-dua je. Aku neh da la asal Sarawak, mesti la nak balik kan. Cukup ke nak balik Sarawak nanti? Ahaha~

Last2, lepas pikir panjang malam tadi, aku rasa nak berenti je la. Baek aku berenti awal sebelom aku lama ag keje kat situ kan? Ahax! Aku dah bagi mesej kat supervisor kat situ, then aku nak kol die lagi nanti. Takpe kan, baru keje sehari dah berenti? Hahaha... Sebab aku ade offer yang lebih baek lagi. Nanti la gitau. Kesian jugak kat orang kat situ, penat2 je ajar aku semalam tapi takpe la, aku nie fast learner. Diorg tak susah pon. Kan2~

Bow Tie nak kene pulangkan ke? Eheheh~

Monday, July 12, 2010

i'm a risk taker

For your information, I had quit my course in UiTM which is Biology. The course apparently is not my will but my fathers. I'm more into Art & Design but I was forbid to apply for the course. Why my parents has to control my life & decide whatever the options that I have? Why I cannot make my own? What so great about learning science?

Right now they doesn't know I'm quitting. I stay at my house in Shah Alam right now. My pointers for last semester is quite good but I decide to quit. Biology is all about memorizing which torture me.I'm just sick & tired to learn any science right now. I need to changed my field I guess. I hate memorizing and I only use my understanding while learning Biology which is not enough. I had to learn triple hard than other people because I'm not Biology type.

I'm still young & need no rush to finish studying just because I worried of my age. Studying has no boundaries. Maybe its time for me to think about myself other than worry about how people think of me or how I'm going to save my parents face. I'm going to apply Art & Design course next semester. I don't care. This is my passion. This is my dream. Pray for me.

Can't waittttttttttt!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

vavi? ⊙﹏⊙