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Monday, May 16, 2011

kenapa mesti malu kalau kantoi?

Mind if i say something?

Baru-baru ni ada kes student tangkap khalwat kat dalam library. I mean its not a typical khalwat but more to maksiat I guess. From my resource whom at the library during the time, the couple were caught while doing 'that' at hidden section at the second floor of the library.Where most of the students unaware of that hidden location. Me, i just noticed after the incident & after seeing those place, i couldnt agree more that its the most strategic place for student to have some romance. How gross is that? Get a room la guys.

I heard that, the incident happened on Saturday where most of the students were not at the library during the time & perhaps the couple take advantage of this. I can say that the place looks gloomy, hidden & of course with air-conditioning. How did the authority knew about this? Of course la by using their surveillance camera, CCTV. Stupid enough kan that couple? The grossest part is where the guy already bottomless when they were caught. Means that, the guy already put off his trousers. Erkkkk...

My resource said that the girl even cried & covered her face while brought away by the authority. The guy? I dunno whats the story. 

My advice?

Tips: Next time when you are caught doing it at some public area or some cheap budget hotel, please make a proud face. Be proud. Walk with pride. Put on a smile is even better. Because it's not logic to be ashamed of it after doing that. Because if you ashamed before doing that, you'll not involved with this. Also means that, you are not ashamed doing it means you just being brave. You should be proud while before & after doing that. Have to be constant. To show you as the example to the others & no one can beat you like what you did.

Okay? Walk with pride & smile.

Yeah, you can walk like her. Absolutely.


Balqis Shafikah said...

yeah..i'm agreed with you..huhu!