Thanks for viewing, reading & commenting on my blog. Sorry that my blog is not as promising as the other blogs. But I keep learning & make it as an outgoing process.

My biggest problem is making friends among bloggers because I'm kinda new and I just started in the middle of 2008.

Then my problem is in handling the blog itself. You can see that my blog is not interactive as yours with very basic layout, lame pictures, uncool widgets just because I'm DUMB at these things which I major the BASIC only.

SO, I need your guide because I'm a NERD science student that know nothing like budak baru blaja..

I'm so appreciate your comments during your visit at my blog.

Sesape yang aku follow tu, aku nak ucap sori sebab nyebok. Don't get me wrong ok. I don't have any specific reason. No reason actually.

-the writer




Wednesday, October 5, 2011

im so pathetic

Just look at the date when was the last time I blogged. I bet nobody would bother themselves reading my blog right. Sokay. It doesnt bother me much either.

There so many going on with my life lately. I dont have much privacy to keep on blogging. Im at the library now  and feel annoyed of how a sound of a girl munching a rice crackers who she sit near my seat. Im at the library since 9.30 am until now. But just then i started to do notes on physical & material strength which is entirely about psychics, i found myself so sleepy but i forced myself to write this because this is the only time i got. Btw, this laptop is not mine & the owner had some errand to do somewhere else.

But insyaallah i'll make an effort to blog and tell the stories of mine sooner. Take care!